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2014 Model Year The 120th Anniversary
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In Focus: Today's 2014 Feature
Dec 08, 2021
  • Pure Bypass
    Pure Bypass
    Pure and Direct:
    Send your pickup directly to the output jack with pure bypass—no tone controls, splits, or even volume controls interfere with the pickup's inherent sound.
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  • TekToid™ Nut
    TekToid™ Nut
    Makes Friction Fiction:
    Friction at the nut can cause a string to go out of tune when you start playing or bending it. TekToid™ nuts cut string friction at the nut, allowing you to stay in tune longer: problem solved.
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  • Orange Drop Capacitors
    Orange Drop Capacitors
    Own Your Tone:
    Capacitors, a crucial component in your tone control, are affected by both age and temperature. Orange Drop capacitors have been the choice of electronics professionals since the '60s because of their precision, consistency, and reliability.
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  • 1959 Tribute Humbucker
    1959 Tribute Humbucker
    The Holy Grail of Tone:
    The 1959 Tribute Humbucker enhances the highs yet retains classic tone with "unmatched" bobbin windings, Alnico II magnets, and exceptional balance between coils—this is the reincarnation of the classic humbucker.
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  • Cyrogenically Treated Fret Wire
    Cyrogenically Treated Fret Wire
    Eliminates Corrosion:
    A 72-hour dry deep-freezing process modifies the fret wire's molecular structure to minimize corrosion and maximize longevity.
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