The quality that goes into Gibson guitars is one reason why they’re prized by both players and collectors. Unlike cars, Gibsons don’t lose 30% of their value the minute they leave the store—and not only do Gibsons hold their value, over the years their value actually tends to appreciate.

TGibson 120th Anniversary Inlayo celebrate 120 years of innovation and American craftsmanship, all Gibson 2014 Model Year guitars include a distinctive 120th Anniversary inlay at the 12th fret. Only those guitars made during the 120th Anniversary have this feature, and of course, after December 31, 2014 there will never be another 120th Anniversary Gibson guitar.

The response to the 120th Anniversary model guitars has exceeded Gibson’s expectations, and it’s highly likely that for collectors, 2014 will become one of those “legendary” years in the decades to come. And when it does, this iconic inlay will mark all 2014 models as authentic collector’s items.