Since the introduction of Robot Tuning in 2007, the technology has evolved dramatically—and the fifth-generation Min-ETune™ in the 2014 model year guitars is by far the best yet.

Of course, Min-ETune can tune automatically—and tune to alternate tunings in seconds. But if you left the battery in a charger at home, no worries: Min-ETune™ has the world’s only dual-mode tuners that can also tune manually, just like conventional manual tuners, as well as automatically. Also, Min-ETune™’s ability to “learn” your guitar has been improved; this is why the more you use Min-ETune™, Gibson Min-ETunethe faster it tunes. Even battery life has been improved, with most players getting 80 to 100 tunings per charge.

It’s lighter, too—so there’s no problem with putting Min-ETune™ on an SG. In fact the mechanism itself has become so unobtrusive that you can’t really tell by looking at the front of a guitar whether Min-ETune™ is installed or not. So, the truss rod cover on Min-ETune™-equipped guitars now shows “eTune.”

But forget the technology that lets you just push, strum, and play: Min-ETune™ is all about shortening the time from inspiration to playing, as well as keeping your audience from yawning when you need to touch up your tuning on stage. Once you get hooked on Min-ETune™, you won’t want to play without it—that is, unless you can tune six strings simultaneously to perfect pitch within a matter of seconds.