Phase Switch

Guitars are all about tone—and the more tonal versatility, the better. The Les Paul Standard, Les Paul Standard Plus, and Les Paul Premium Quilt have a phase reverse push switch on the neck pickup tone control that adds yet another level of sonic versatility.

This phase switch reverses the neck pickup phase (ground becomes hot, and hot becomes ground), so frequencies in common with the bridge pickup tend to cancel. This tonal change requires no active electronics or battery, yet gives a distinctive, scooped sound that works well with both clean and distorted amp settings.

And there’s one more option. The Les Paul Standard, Plus, and Premium Quilt also include Gibson’s unique Tuned Coil Tap feature that provides a gentle midrange scoop. If the neck pickup is in Tuned Coil Tap mode, the phase switch chooses which of the two humbucker coils is active—the coil closer to the neck, or the one closer to the bridge. This broadens the tonal palette even further, which is in keeping with Gibson’s philosophy to squeeze the maximum amount of versatility out of any given feature.