Gibson Headstock

Min-ETune™ automatic tuning is not without controversy; some people love it, and some people don’t (that is, until they use Min-ETune™ for a while and get hooked on the convenience, speed, and accuracy). Of course, Min-ETune™ already lets you do manual tuning as well as automatic tuning, but some guitar players prefer particular manual tuners the same way they prefer particular pickups.

Then there are those who buy a Gibson Les Paul or SG without Min-ETune™, but later find out just how cool it is and wish they could add automatic tuning capabilities quickly and easily. No problem: Now Gibson lets you have it your way.

Thanks to the standardized headstocks on the 2014 models, you can replace manual tuners with Min-ETune™, or remove Min-ETune™ and use manual tuners. Switching from one type of tuner to the other is simple, and can be done in minutes with common hand tools.

So if you missed out on Min-ETune™, no worries—add it whenever you like. The choice is yours.