Supreme Grip Knobs

Gibson’s Supreme Grip speed knobs have indents around the top, making them much easier to grasp and turn—no matter how much you’ve been sweating on stage.

However, there are three other noteworthy Supreme Grip knob characteristics. Because the knob tops aren’t tapered, they create a bigger “target” for push/push knobs (as used with some 2014 guitars to select Tuned Coil Tap and Split settings). Also, the knob numbers are bigger and more easily readable under low stage light conditions. Finally, the Supreme Grip knobs are ideal for “pinky swells” with the neck pickup volume—it’s easy to push into the indent with your pinky, then rotate the knob back and forth.

Overall, the Supreme Grip speed knobs are just one more example of how a seemingly minor tweak can provide several advantages that make a guitar more fun to play.