Gibson's Tuned Coil Tapping

Traditional coil taps provide the same effect as reducing the number of windings on a single coil pickup, which gives a thinner sound with less output. While coil taps have their uses, they’re not very common, as most guitarists don’t consider the sound all that desirable.

Gibson’s innovative Tuned Coil Tap takes the tap concept to a whole other level with a brilliantly simple, yet highly effective, pickup wiring technique for humbuckers that affects only certain frequencies. Pushing the pickup’s volume knob (or pulling the knob up with some instruments) provides a gentle, but distinctive, midrange scoop—without thinning the sound or dropping the output. What’s more, the Tuned Coil Tap also retains most of a humbucker’s hum-rejecting properties.

The Tuned Coil Tap really comes into its own with dual pickup guitars and basses, because you can obtain eight distinct sounds by using various combinations of pickups and Tuned Coil Tap settings. For example, with the EB bass this means eight unique bass sounds—and who wouldn’t rather carry one bass to a gig instead of eight? Guitars become far more sonically versatile as well, without the need for any batteries, active electronics, or EQ. Bring the tone control into play, and there are even more sonic options.

And there’s a bonus feature: Because the bridge pickups are reverse-wound/reverse polarity, with both pickup coil taps enabled the pickups become like a single humbucker that rejects hum as fully as non-tapped pickups.

For a greater variety of organic, warm sounds, Tuned Coil Tap technology is the answer—it’s simple, quiet, musical, and effective.