Gibson guitars are the finest instruments on the planet and the crown jewel of any player’s collection. Buying a Gibson can be like getting the keys to a Ferrari. It is a positively euphoric experience.

But that experience can be ruined if you do not buy from a Gibson Authorized Dealer. Only products that are purchased from a Gibson Authorized Dealer are covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.* This warranty is non-transferable. A purchase from a non-authorized dealer means that you are buying a guitar secondhand, even if it has never been out of the case and is being sold as “new,” and thus that warranty is null and void. Any product sold on an auction site is considered “secondhand,” and therefore not covered by the warranty.

  • Gibson’s Limited Lifetime Warranty is just one of the many benefits that only Gibson Authorized Dealers can provide. Other exclusive advantages include:
  • Gibson Authorized Dealers offer a broad selection with the best variety and most up-to-date Gibson and Epiphone products.
  • All Gibson Authorized Dealers must have extensive expertise with Gibson products and knowledge of Gibson history.
  • Only Gibson Authorized Dealers can offer warranty replacement parts.
  • Gibson Authorized Dealers have a direct relationship with Gibson and can send products back to Gibson and Epiphone, if necessary.
  • Gibson Authorized Dealers offer the best in customer service. Buyers have a face-to-face relationship with the staff and can truly find the guitar that’s the best fit for their needs.
  • It’s easy to find Gibson Authorized Dealers, via the dealer locator.

So, how do you know if your dealer is a Gibson Authorized Dealer? There are many ways to find out. First, you can use the dealer locator to find the most convenient authorized dealer for you. Or, if you are looking to purchase a Gibson or Epiphone product on the internet, look for the Gibson Authorized Internet Retail Site icon. Without an icon, dealers are not authorized, no matter what they might say or what promises they make.

If you’re unsure about a dealer, you can always check with Gibson to find out. Call 1-800-4GIBSON, e-mail or visit to make sure you’re working with a Gibson Authorized Dealer.

Also, there are counterfeit models of Gibson instruments being sold all over the world. These low-budget, inferior guitars are pale imitations of the quality, performance and craftsmanship of real Gibsons. We continue to hear complaints from fans who have purchased one of these guitars from websites and auction sites, thinking they were getting a real Gibson. The makers and sellers of counterfeits are scamming our global family of musicians. The only way to know, for certain, that you are buying a real Gibson guitar is to purchase one from a Gibson Authorized Dealer.

Buying a Gibson guitar is a thrilling occasion for a musician. Don’t let a non-authorized dealer spoil it for you.

* The Limited Lifetime Warranty is available in the USA. In other countries, check with your Authorized Gibson Dealer for warranty details for that specific country. All products purchased from an Authorized International Dealer must be registered with the Authorized International Distributor.