If you crave the ultimate ultimate, the best of the very best, then save your pennies for these: just five of the outrageously good guitars hand-crafted by the renowned Gibson Custom Shop. Free with every purchase – that no-price-tag feeling that you’ve got the best!

Slash Anaconda Les Paul Flame Top

Slash’s new Anaconda Les Pauls are some of the most-stunning Gibsons of recent years, but they’re not just about the looks. The Guns N’ Roses legend road-tested the prototype Anacondas throughout the band’s record-breaking tours of 2016 and 2017, and he loves them as “players” – so much so, he’s now Gibson’s Global Brand Ambassador. Feed your appetite for the ultimate Slash Les Paul with the hand-signed Anaconda Flame Top: an exclusive green Anaconda Burst finish, historic 1950s Les Paul construction and Slash’s personal touches, including a custom Slash neck profile, Slash Signature APH-1 and APH-2 humbuckers and Sprague Orange Drop capacitors. That Slash Taper neck is .910" depth at 1st fret, 1.05" depth at 12th fret.

5 Gibson Guitars to Die For

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Tom Murphy Painted & Aged Les Paul Standard

The Gibson Custom Shop is fabled for its reproductions of vintage 1958-1960 sunburst Les Paul Standards, and master luthier Tom Murphy has been perfecting the craft of capturing the magic of the originals for years. How about one just like he thinks a perfect vintage Les Paul should be?... without that millionaires-only price tag. Each LP in this limited run features hand-picked Murphy woods, a three-dimensional Murphy sunburst finish, extensive Murphy aging, and a special Murphy historic serial number sequence. Amazing and historic in its own right.

5 Gibson Guitars to Die For

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Les Paul Ultima

If an aged look isn’t your thing, and you want the most-dazzling and pristine Gibson Custom Shop work, then look no further than the Les Paul Ultima. These beautiful LPs have show-stopping finishes, meticulous hand-crafted features and premium appointments and celebrate the very finest luxury of the most-coveted electric guitars in the world.

There’s gold hardware, Grover Imperial tuners with Pearl caps, stunning Tree of Life abalone inlay and binding work, ebony fretboards and with 57 Classic humbuckers they sound every bit as classy as they look. There’s two finish options on those highly-quilted maple tops, too: a traditional Heritage Cherry Sunburst and a jaw-dropping blue-grey Cobra. Simply beautiful.

5 Gibson Guitars to Die For

5 Gibson Guitars to Die For

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ES-335 Ultima

The Ultima aesthetic is now on a Gibson ES-335 too... Pearl and abalone inlays perfectly suit the metallic Inverness Green finish and the premium gold appointments again add another layer of elegance and appeal. Although most 335s are crafted in Memphis, Gibson Custom take care of this one. Another stunner in a lesser-seen finish.

5 Gibson Guitars to Die For

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Collector’s Choice #35 1959 Les Paul Vic DaPra “Gruhn Burst”

In Gibson Les Paul circles, Mr Vic DaPra is the guru of collectors and his original '59 Les Paul (serial # 9 0627) – seen on the covers of books and in countless magazines – is considered one of the most beautiful ‘Bursts ever. Nicknamed the Gruhn Burst (after fellow-seeker George Gruhn, renowned Nashville vintage dealer and guitar expert), DaPra’s 1984 find has now been replicated by Gibson Custom.

5 Gibson Guitars to Die For

This has been a hugely complex undertaking, with digital lab-engineering analysis of the original, specially-wound Custom Buckers that are tone-matched, a hand-sanded peghead, hand-applied color and wear... Gibson Custom spent over a year setting-aside only the finest and best-matching timbers just for this limited run.

And with Vic’s personal involvement in developing and approving the run, you are guaranteed a replica as close as possible to one of the most famous Les Pauls ever. It’s an astounding recreation of what is an amazing guitar in the first place: it weighs just 7.5lbs, every aspect of these perfectly replicate the original ‘59.

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