Premier Guitar has posted an in-depth look at a 1967 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard on its website, as part of the publications “Vintage Vault” series.

“Starting in 1961, amidst the rising popularity of solidbody and thinline guitars, Gibson doubled down on its lineup of larger-sized hollowbodies with a series of artist models,” the author writes, while noting that, at age 80, the artist Trini Lopez remains professionally active. “First came the Johnny Smith and Barney Kessel models in 1961, followed by the Tal Farlow signature in ’62. A few years later, this artist line expanded with the launch of two Trini Lopez models: the Standard and the Deluxe.”

Trini Lopez

After pointing out that the Gibson ES-335 served as the springboard for the Trini Lopez models, the article goes on to provide additional historical details.

“Gibson and Lopez collaborated on the designs of the two new models, which were released in 1964,” the author states. “Sporting a bevy of highly stylized components, the Trini Lopez Standard was essentially a variation on the ES-335, while the Deluxe found its counterpart in the Barney Kessel model, with a deeper body and sharper Florentine cutaways. With these body styles as their base, the Lopez models added distinct diamond-shaped soundholes, split-diamond inlays, a slanted … headstock, and a ‘Trini Lopez’ signature tailpiece.”

The author also notes that, with a list price of $415, the Trini Lopez Standard was less expensive than other models in Gibson’s artist series. To read more, and to view photos, click here.