Mike Manning by Jesse Dacri

Head to one of pop star Demi Lovato’s live shows, and you’ll spot Mike Manning playing lead guitar. Even though Manning plays a variety of genres with Lovato, he has a heart for rock and counts Van Halen, Mick Mars, Jimi Hendrix, Brian May and David Gilmour as the reasons he picked up the instrument.

“I should've been around on the Sunset strip in the ‘80s,” Manning told Gibson.com. “I was meant to be in the hair metal era!”

Manning rocks a wide range of Gibsons on the stage and in the studio: “I have a Les Paul Axcess with a Floyd Rose that I LOVE, a Cherryburst Les Paul Standard, a 335, a Hummingbird, an ‘82 Explorer and my favorite guitar, a Silverburst Les Paul Custom,” he said.

“Gibson guitars are solid, great guitars and they just embody American rock ‘n’ roll to me,” he added. “I love the look and sound and the people at Gibson have been great to me.”

Check back for our full interview with Manning next week.

Photo credit Jesse Dacri