In a surprise move, global pop/rock star Sting is about to release a new collaborative album, with the unlikeliest of collaborators, Shaggy. Granted, Sting’s always had a connection with reggae and has been at the intersection of ska and punk (especially in his work with The Police), but it’s still a partnership straight out of leftfield.


That aside, the duo of Sting and Shaggy have just released a new video for the first single ‘Don’t Make Me Wait,’ from their upcoming album 44/876. In the video, shot in Jamaica and featuring Shaggy and Sting traipsing around the island, Sting is playing a guitar and it just happens to be a cherry red Gibson SG. There’s even a picture, in this article on Billboard.

Speaking about the album that came out of the collaboration, Sting said,“ The general feeling is, ‘Hey, it’s this party’ but if you want to go slightly deeper, there’s something profound. I wouldn’t be able to do it otherwise. Our job as songwriters is to reflect the spirit of the times, as difficult as they may be, but then also give people a reason to get up in the morning. People should enjoy this record, the way we made it was joyful, plus think a little bit about what are these songs about."

Sting and Shaggy’s new album 44/876 is set to release on April 20th.