Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo recently spoke with Guitar World about a range of topics. Asked how the band’s new self-titled album related to STP’s previous work, DeLeo offered a positive assessment.

“I like to think everyone’s playing has evolved with this record,” he said. “Everyone has evolved into a new place and has gotten better. Robert [DeLeo, the band's bassist] actually said something about the album recently that was beautiful. He said, 'This record breathes resilience.'”

DeLeo also expressed admiration for how STP’s new singer, Jeff Gutt, has integrated himself into the band.

“I think … he wants to honor our catalog with the utmost dignity and respect, and he does just that,” observed DeLeo. “For us, we’re just as thrilled about delving into this new material with him. He's an extraordinary singer and we've very fortunate to have met one another.”

Earlier this month the group kicked off a tour in support of the new album, which will be released this Friday (March 16). DeLeo said he sees good times ahead as STP moves forward.

“I'm excited about the future and about the next album and the one after that,” he said. “Mostly? I'm excited to get out and play these songs for our friends and the people who dig what we do.”