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SG Standard - Min-ETune™
Body Language
Hold the timeless comfort of the pure mahogany SG double cutaway
Pickups Beyond the Classics
Experience the mighty sound of ’57 classic humbuckers, or enjoy single-coil shimmer with coil splitting
Perfectly Pitched
Just Push—Min-ETune™ tunes your guitar automatically in seconds with serious sustain from the Tune-o-Matic bridge
It’s All About Looks
Gorgeous gloss and brilliant colors look superb on stage
Action Movie
Race over the vintage SG slim profile mahogany neck, with 22 frets and undercut frets over binding
Last But Not Least
Classic SG knobs, vintage brown hardshell case, and Graph Tech nut round out the new standard

The 2014 Gibson SG Standard
The style, the feel, the speed of the quintessential SG