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Pickups Model
The Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited is equipped with two of Gibson's most popular pickups, a Burst Bucker 3 in the lead (bridge) position, and a P-90H in the rhythm (neck) position, a new hum-canceling update of the traditional P-90 single coil. Both magnetic pickups carry chromed metal covers, a matching set that is unique to Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited.

The guitar is further equipped with a revolutionary Gibson-designed piezo bridge, which consists of a modified Tune-o-matic-style bridge loaded with individual piezo pickups for each of its string saddles.
Magnet Material
Gibson's Burst Bucker 3 uses a rough Alnico 2 bar magnet, while the P-90H carries two Alnico V bar magnets. Magnet Material
Tonal Characteristics
Gibson's Burst Bucker 3 is a highly acclaimed PAF-style humbucker, wound to the hotter side of the vintage spectrum for plenty of cutting power and excellent midrange punch, while retaining the warmth and richness that these legendary pickups are known for.

The P-90H is a radical new design that captures all of the traditional P-90 single-coil's raw bite, grind and warmth in the neck position, with outstanding clarity and high-end sheen, but rejects the annoying 60-cycle hum that such pickups can be prone to.

The Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited's piezo-pickup bridge is truly a "sky's-the-limit" pickup option, which yields convincing acoustic-style tones at the twist of a knob, while also providing the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited's secret-weapon digital tone arsenal via the guitar's Chameleon Tone Technology.
Master Control Knob
The key to controlling the powerful functions of the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited is the Master Control Knob (MCK), which controls the brain behind this miraculous instrument and allows you to access both the guitar's unlimited tonal arsenal and its automatic tuning capabilities.

The MCK has been completely redesigned for simpler, faster, and more intuitive function, with much improved ergonomics and a sophisticated full color matrix display featuring LEDs and high-tech light pipe technology. These features work to deliver a more powerful and easier to see visual display under any light condition. In addition to the MCK's top-mounted display, LED-lit symbols now adorn its outer edge, which blend with the color of the knob so that they're only visible when lit.

The Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited's new MCK also controls the ability to change pickups and coils and to access preset tone settings, allowing you the ability to adjust tone and tunings automatically and simultaneously, even several times during the same song.
Master Control Knob
Volume Controls
The Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited uses an individual volume control for each pickup, each of which uses a high-quality 300k linear potentiometer for a smooth, natural roll off. Control Knobs
Tone Control
The Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited carries a master tone control that comprises a high-quality 500k non-linear potentiometer, and has been engineered for a fluid and natural roll off of the guitars highs, yielding a broad and very usable range of voices.  
Toggle Switch
The Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited features a unique, multi-function toggle switch which provides standard switching between the magnetic pickups, plus a revolutionary blend control that is built into its toggle lever, and allows the player to quickly determine the ratio of magnetic to piezo tone in the guitar's output. Toggle Switch Toggle Switch
Output Jack
The Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited's multi-function output comprises an Amphenol XLR female 1/4" stereo combo receptacle (the XLR cable requires a male-to-male adapter or cable). Used with a standard mono guitar cord this supplies individual or blended magnetic and piezo pickup signals, according to the player's control selections.

Used with a stereo (TRS) cord and an external accessory box (both available separately), this feature allows you to split the piezo and magnetic signals to individual amps or PA or recording channels, further multiplying the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited's sonic capabilities.
Output Jacks
Low-Impedance Preamp
The Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited's vastly improved output jack also includes a built-in active, low-impedance preamp comprising Gibson's new, proprietary LP-Z High Definition Impedance Circuit, designed and named in honor of the late Les Paul's constant quest for high-definition guitar tone.

The LP-Z creates an immediate improvement in fidelity, allowing you to run long lengths of cable without losing any quality, delivering the highest definition sound that has ever come from an electric guitar. The player can select either a traditional, passive high-Z output, or the LP-Z's active low-z output. The difference has been compared to the visual difference in moving from old low-definition TV systems to a new high-def system, and the clarity and depth of tonal improvement that it brings to the game have to be heard to be believed.