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The body of each SG Special '60s Tribute is crafted from solid mahogany, one of the best-loved tonewoods in the history of the electric guitar. Mahogany not only offers classic resonant characteristics, but yields a lighter instrument than many other wood combinations. Body Species
Tonal Characteristics
Mahogany is a medium-dense wood with excellent resonance and superior sustain, and it offers a rich, round, warm tone, but with plenty of high-end sheen and good midrange presence.  
The SG Special '60s Tribute follows the classic lines of the SG of the early and mid 1960s. It has a beveled body edge for increased comfort, and slightly asymmetrical dual horns on its double-cutaway body, that not only look distinctive but also provide outstanding access to the upper frets. Body Design
Average Weight
The average weight of a raw SG Special '60s Tribute body is 4.03 lbs, which is in the normal range for a Gibson SG-style guitar, and lighter than the average solidbody guitar's raw body. Weight
Available Finishes
The SG Special '60s Tribute is finished your choice of Worn Cherry, Worn Natural, Worn White or Worn Ebony. Worn Natural
(Also available Left-handed)
Worn White Worn Cherry
(Also available Left-handed)
Worn Ebony
(Also available Left-handed)
Surface Texture
A hand-buffed, high-gloss finish with 90-sheen lacquer gives the SG Special '60s Tribute a high-quality appearance in keeping with its heritage.
The SG Special Faded is hand-finished in grain-textured nitrocellulose in a simplified process that results in a gently road-worn appearance. Unlike many other manufacturers, who settle for a polyurethane finish, Gibson opts for a nitrocellulose finish that will encourage the natural vibration of the instrument for a purer tone. In addition, a nitro finish is very porous and actually gets thinner over time, so your guitar will further age gracefully as you play it.