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No other acoustic guitar line is so uniquely American as Gibson's. There isn't even a close second. Their original and timeless designs have been imitated time and again by manufacturers from Bavaria to Japan and around the globe. Models like Hummingbirds, Doves, J-200's, Country Westerns, & many many more just scream America. They're like guitar flash cards. Hold up one of Gibson's iconic images in any country in the world and in any language. It's a dead lock cinch that the inhabitants would be able to identify the country of origin as our own good old U.S.A. Still being made here just as good or better than ever in our opinion.

Love the brand but looking for something more contemporary? That's the beauty of a marque with such an important and significant history. Gibson has the privilege [along with the difficult task] of maintaining and preserving that legacy. They also have a platform to start with a blank piece of paper and design something completely new and different. A break with their own tradition in regards to style yet still built with the same care, craftsmanship, and quality that we've all come to expect for well over one hundred years. Witness the success on every level of the "Songwriter" series. Or something as subtle as the slight modifications to traditional designs such as those found on the standard series. Blending instantly recognizable styles along with contemporary "players" features such as modern neck profiles, pickups, tuners, etc. No other brand so successfully and seamlessly blends the past and the present as Gibson's line of acoustic instruments.

How fantastic would it be if we could buy a brand new 1955 Ford Thunderbird or a new 1957 Chevrolet? Unfortunately those represent impossible tasks for both respective companies. Many similar examples exist far and wide of images from a bygone era that simply can't be produced anymore. Things we would all love to be able to buy brand new just as they were when introduced. In many cases [including Gibson's] original examples can command many thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Yet we can buy a new Hummingbird, L-00, or any number of Gibson's original designs still today. Built for all intents and purposes exactly like the were when they first debuted. Even pre-war styles along with their contemporary counterparts! If one takes the time and the effort to do the research [and the math] and adjust for inflation their instruments represent an even better value now than they did when their original designs were first produced. Still with a lifetime warranty to the original owner. Not bad for an heirloom quality instrument that can be passed down or sold to subsequent generations. The value that represents to any new customer cannot be overstated. A small price to pay for products from a company with such an important legacy. While luck has little to do with the tedious task of producing instruments as close to perfection as possible we all must revel in the luck that is ours for the privilege of owning one or more of these hand built masterpieces.

It is with that eye towards history along with an appreciation for the new and different that we embrace the honor of being one of Gibson's hand full of five star dealers. It is our goal to allow you the opportunity to share in that experience with us. The opportunity to soak up the rich and varied roads they have traveled, along with keeping up with what's happening now and into the future. To strive to give you the benefit of our knowledge of all things past, present, and future in an effort to help guide you towards the model [or models] that allow you to express yourself through one of their instruments. Our commitment is to make that journey as fun and stress free as possible. After all isn't that how it should be? Buying a new guitar should feel much different than having to spend that same amount of money on say, an automobile repair for example. As important as it may be to keep one's car safe and on the road it isn't a very rewarding experience. At the end of the day as far as your neighbors are concerned it still looks like the same old car sitting in the driveway just as it was before. Let them take your new Gibson acoustic for a test drive on the other hand and see what kind of reaction you get!

Along the way you will also discover many other unique opportunities that Truetone Music has in store for you as you wend your way towards your Gibson purchase. The opportunity to see many limited edition instruments. To see a host of unique or one of a kind instruments built just for us. Working closely with Gibson and drawing upon our own vast knowledge this is one our most gratifying and exciting experiences. The opportunity to see our own ideas flourish and realized by Gibson's craftsmen and in turn share them with you. Along with all of Gibson's own historic and contemporary models we promise an experience that we believe is singularly unique to us. Much of our staff has trained at Gibson and we're on a first name basis with much of their personal. We afford you the opportunity to work with any of our six full time repair technicians. No one is better equipped to set up and adjust your new acoustic to your exact needs. We have "dialed in" instruments for many of the greatest guitarists in the world. That same luxury is afforded you at no additional expense upon the purchase of your new Gibson. We have even repaired many instruments for Gibson at their request. We feature a fully stocked parts department to boot.

We guarantee a rewarding and satisfying experience awaits you here. Our enthusiasm for these instruments is contagious. If you already have your eye towards one of their guitars then you have found kindred spirits. Allow that synergy to nurture you towards the model of your choice. Whether we have one built for you [yes we can do that too] or you find one of the many we have in stock to your liking. If you haven't quite decided from the many brands offered today which one is for you, then we request the opportunity to share with you why we believe so strongly in these instruments. As a store that knows what it takes to build a fine guitar we delight in the opportunity to share that knowledge with you. Few purchases in life are more rewarding than that of buying a new musical instrument. We look forward to sharing in that experience with you. That is our promise.

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