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Gibson Support - Tech Tips
Tech Tips

Drawing from many experts both here at Gibson and from respected friends of Gibson, these columns walk you step-by-step through many repair, maintenance, and upgrade procedures.

  1. Basic Guitar Setup
    Why do some guitars seem to just play themselves? In many cases it's simply a matter of "setup" -- getting the neck, the string height and the string length just right for your individual playing style. Here's a step-by-step procedure for easy, do-it-yourself guitar setup.
  2. Tuning Tips
    One of the most common complaints among guitar players is that their guitar won’t stay in tune. More often than not, the solution to the problem is as simple as a little preventive maintenance and proper set-up and stringing of the instrument.
  3. Pickup the Pace
    Superchage your guitar with Gibson Pickups - A step-by-step guide to changing a pickup
  4. Getting down with Mandolin Set Up
    If your mando just won't tune 2 x 4, then check out these hints for making it more harmonious.
  5. Lacquer Finish - Care and Maintenance
    (Mar. 1998) The Do's and Dont's to help that nitrocellulose lacquer finish retain its original beauty and functionality.
  6. Get up and dress your funky frets
    Sure to make you and your instrument look and play better.
  7. Smooth Frettin': Fretboard Clean and Polish
    (Dec. 1997) The guide for one of the easiest do-it-yourself jobs in the guitar maintenance/repair handbook.
  8. Swapping Sounds: Pickup Replacement
    (Nov. 1997) Finally found that perfect pickup? Here's how to install it without making a mess.
  9. Don't kill that guitar: Dealing with hard to tune instruments
    There's nothing more frustrating than a guitar that won't stay in tune--except maybe a guitar that won't even get in tune. Some tuning problems can be detected and fixed by the average player, but the more severe problems require the expertise of a skilled tech.
  10. StewMac: Online tools, parts and the secrets of the trade
    One of the best guitar and stringed instrument sites on the WWW has no music and no artists and very few instruments. It's Stewart-McDonald's Guitar Shop Supply. If you like cruising a good hardware store or auto supply, you'll love StewMac. If you appreciate the elegant design of a well-crafted tool, you'll go to heaven here.
  11. Tuner Replacement
    If you've decided to replace your tuners, consider these issues before you buy a new set.
  12. Slide Easy: Dobro and Resophonic Set Up
    Dobro set up for resophonic type instruments is simple and will improve the overall volume and tone. These steps can apply to both fingerstyle and Hawaiian style instruments as well as Biscuit and Spider bridges.
  13. Ins & Outs: 4-Conductor Humbucking Pickup Coil Cutting
    A "coil cut" is an easy way to get a very useful sound. It has the drawback of being non-humbucking, of course. As I mentioned in my last installment, a coil cut can be accomplished by applying a ground to the "series link." Try these switching arrangements.