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StewMac: Online tools, parts and the secrets of the trade

StewMac: Online tools,
parts and the secrets of the trade

One of the best guitar and stringed instrument sites on the WWW has no music and no artists and very few instruments. It's Stewart-McDonald's Guitar Shop Supply. If you like cruising a good hardware store or auto supply, you'll love StewMac. If you appreciate the elegant design of a well-crafted tool, you'll go to heaven here.

What guitarists or players of most stringed instruments will find are tools, parts, supplies, books, and videos. The inventory is deep and wide with virtually everything you need to to build, repair or customize a stringed instrument--especially guitars. You can order online through their secure server. This is where Gibson's expert repair luthiers get many of their tools and supplies.

While there, order the free (I mean free) Stewart McDonald catalog.

Yet their most valuable product may be their knowledge. Included are two regular features:

Trade Secrets online
Tips and inside information on the art and business of guitar repair edited by Dan Erlewine. Dan is their on-staff expert (and Guitar Player Magazine columnist).

Guitar Wiring 101
Puzzled by electric guitar wiring? Most people are. In each catalog and online, Mike Lindskold, the in-house wiring technician, explores the mystery and mastery of wiring electric instruments for repair or to enhance and customize your sound.

They offer consistent real world solutions to a player's real world problems. They tell you how to do it and have everything you need to do it right--the first time. Tell them "hey" from