The Viña del Mar Festival in Chile is one of the most prestigious music festivals in the world. Every artist dreams to play on that stage and also in some way is a double-swore wish because the crowd has very high standards and if something goes wrong…. That tough reputation make the audience get a very particular nickname: The Monster.

But the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter owned the stage and was the center of the one priceless moments in recent years.

In front of 18 thousand fans and a global TV audience he suddenly decided to give away one of his favorite guitars – an Epiphone Masterbilt – to a one lucky fan sitting on the front row.

She was speechless and happy. After Maria Soledad and her family met Luis for photo-op. She was the happiest person in the audience. And Luis Fonsi as well, after he received two of the most important prizes of the festival: Gaviota de Plata and Gaviota de Oro trophies, an honor that the crowd is responsible to give.

Later on he posted on his official Instagram and Twitter account: “I left my heart and even my guitar at Viña. Hope you guys enjoy (the guitar) as much as I did…”