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The classic small body Americana sound.
Arlo Guthrie LG
In 2002, Arlo Guthrie contacted the brilliant luthiers at Gibson Acoustics and asked for help in reconstructing a guitar his legendary father—Woody Guthrie—had given him as a present in the early 1950s. The guitar was an old Gibson LG-2 ¾ that was literally in pieces, yet Gibson decided to undertake the delicate task of restoring this instrument so dear to Arlo’s heart, and his father’s legacy. Several months later, after completing the restoration and presenting the rebuilt guitar to Arlo, Gibson decided to reissue the Arlo Guthrie LG-2¾ as part of its Signature Series line of acoustics. It is a painstaking reproduction of a classic Gibson guitar, yet remaining true to Arlo’s original in every way including an aged-like vintage replica finish.
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