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The Gibson Custom 2015 Lineup
The Legacy Lives On
The Legacy Lives On
Introducing the Gibson Custom 2015 New Model Year
For over 20 years Gibson Custom has proudly been the torchbearer of, not only Gibson’s legacy, but also American craftsmanship and the value of human ingenuity. We believe today, as we did 20 years ago, that there remains a place in this world for the best of the best and that there is a value in what we do that extends far beyond the glossy sheen and gratifying weight of a finely crafted Les Paul.

We take great pride in knowing that we bring the most discerning players and collectors in the World the most refined collection of Historic Reissue, Archtop and Custom guitars we have ever had the pleasure to craft. Through milestone achievements that reflect decades of a passionate commitment by Gibson Custom’s craftspeople, engineers, players and collectors from around the globe, today’s Gibson Custom proudly reflects Gibson’s century long-plus position as the World’s Finest Guitar maker.

The Closest You Can Get to Owning an Original
Gibson Custom’s Historic and True Historic ranges represent our passionate commitment to recreating the look, feel and tone of original vintage Gibsons with uncompromising attention to detail and the highest levels of craft.
CS Series
’50s Inspired Design and Performance
The authentic looks, feel and the tone of the legendary Les Paul guitar, hand-crafted to the highest standards in the guitar business.
Models featuring CS7 '50s Style Les Paul Standard VOS Goldtop CS8 '50s Style Les Paul Standard VOS CS0 '60s Style Les Paul Standard VOS CS9 '50s Style Les Paul Standard VOS
Gibson Custom and Artist Collaborations
Crafted in collaboration with some of Gibson’s most renowned players.
Collector's Choice
Recreations of Original Vintage Gibson Guitars
Unprecedented levels of detail and skill bring a specific vintage Gibson to life based on hands-on study and analysis of an original guitar.
Models featuring CC #29 Tamio Okuda 1959 Les Paul CC #22 Tommy Colletti 1959 Les Paul Custom CC #33 Jeff Hanna 1960 Les Paul Standard CC #5 Tom Wittrock 1959 Les Paul "Donna" CC #24 Charles Daughtry 1959 Les Paul "Nicky"
Custom Shop
Contemporary Thinking in Vintage Inspired Design
Gibson’s Custom range is where the finest craftspeople in the world exercise innovation, experimentation and the ongoing advancement of our art.
The Continual Evolution of Craft
Truly legendary guitars with lineage stretching back through a century as well as forward thinking designs that pay homage to Gibson’s place as a continual innovator.
Models featuring Solid Formed 17" Hollowbody Venetian L-9 Archtop