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Billie Joe Armstrong ES-137
As the premier punk rocker of his generation, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong doesn’t compromise on style, tone, or attitude. The new Billie Joe Armstrong ES-137 from Gibson Memphis rolls all three into a raging ball of badass, in a guitar that stems from surprising depths of tradition—while packing the no-frills, sucker-punch power that punk demands.

This beautifully light and comfortable to play thinline semi-hollow sports the ES-175’s classic lines, but thanks to a chambered mahogany core that enhances sustain and fights unwanted feedback, it rings like a bell when you hit it. And when you want it to wail, just crank the two fat and gnarly Memphis P-90 pickups—long Billie Joe’s favorites.

Grab the neck crafted to Billie Joe’s preferred proportions, dial in the simplified controls to taste, and you’re primed to deliver thick, meaty gobs of house-rockin’ mayhem—while looking utterly righteous in a sweet Black Cherry Burst nitrocellulose finish with traditional trapezoid inlays on a rosewood fingerboard. Satisfy your inner punk today at your nearest Gibson dealer.
Body Language
A thinline semi-hollow body with chambered mahogany core keeps it light, resonant, and superbly comfortable to play.
Vintage-Style Pickups
Fat, gnarly Memphis P-90 single-coil pickups wound to vintage specs deliver a tone beloved for decades.
Precision Tuneup
A nickel Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece bring unprecedented sustain in a semi-hollow guitar.
Total Control
Hot-rodded controls with individual volumes and a rotary selector dial you straight to the tone
Look Sharp
A Black Cherry Burst finish and traditional lines fly smack into punk attitude.
Case Closed
A rugged, vintage-style hardshell case takes it safely from gig to gig.

The Billie Joe Armstrong ES-137
Tradition pogoes straight into punk