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Unlimited Tones, Unlimited Power,
in a Strictly Limited Les Paul
Introducing The Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited
Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited
Les Paul, Gibson and the Les Paul guitar have always been about innovation. Now, Gibson is bringing the innovation of Robot Guitar tuning technology to the classic Les Paul model with the release of the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited. With a legacy as one of the most versatile electric guitars available, the new Les Paul knocks versatility right off the charts, courtesy of Gibson USA.

With Robot Guitar automated tuning capabilities, two different but seminal magnetic pickups, a piezo-loaded bridge, and Chameleon Tone Technology courtesy of its Master Control Knob (MCK), the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited packs a dizzying array of sonic capabilities, all primed to unlock your inner creative potential. From the raw, biting crunch of a hot, chrome-covered, hum-canceling P-90H in the neck position and the sizzling wail and punch of an overwound BurstBucker 3 in the bridge, to the subtle acoustic response of its piezo bridges saddles — and any conceivable blend of the three, accessed instantly from the MCK — the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited really does pack all the tonal colors of the rainbow. And to keep it all sounding true, Gibson's exclusive Robot Technology puts you perfectly into tune in seconds at the push of a button, or shifts you into any of a countless number of open and alternate tunings, all accessed at your command.
Starting at
Pricing & Finish
  • Fireball
    $6,108 msrp
Product Features
  • Robot Tuners™ System
  • '60s SlimTaper Neck Profile
  • Hum-Cancelling P90H Neck Pickup, and BurstBucker 3 Bridge Pickup
  • HD LP-Z Output Jack with Low-Impedance Preamp
  • New Battery System gets 500 tunings from a single charge
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